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Serial Entrepreneur Characteristics

Name some Serial Entrepreneur Characteristics   So I love Jeff Foxworthy’s sayings You might be a redneck IF……   Here’s mine, You might be a Serial Entrepreneur if……. You got up at 05:30 and not it and it’s after 0105

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Evaluate your work

Take a minute to step back and Evaluate your work   Are you where you want to be in your life.   Eric Thomas said to SHUT UP talk less and work more.  WORK ON YOUR WORK   A MARINE

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Are you MIA

The Term MIA means MISSING IN ACTION.   This is not to be taken lightly when you are in the military.   However to we are going to be talking about your business.   Have you Been MIA in your

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How to create a blog post in ten minutes or less

Quick and easy way to post to your blog in 10 minutes or less.   First of all I like to video blog.  You can check out my Youtube Channel with a couple hundred videos on it.  So today I’m

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