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The Movie Breakthrough was amazing

Did you see the movie breakthrough?  If you didn’t you need to  Put it on your list of movies to see. The movie is based on a true story.  Really based on a miracle.  Now I say there are  miracles and

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How to Relax and unwind

How do you relax ?   I say you can relax without going to the local Pub Hi this is Russ coming to you from the lake today this is my place to get away and today’s life lesson is going

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Divorce is the Death of a Dream you thought would last

Divorce is the death of a dream that you thought would last. It’s been two weeks since the divorce and I don’t care what you say I think  divorce is taking the easy way out.  You asked what do I

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Three important must know’s about your DD214

    First If you apply at the post office a dd214 still gives you a preference over non military civilians Now I know the post office is not the most glamorous job however I just want to make a

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Officially Crossed off MY BUCKET LIST

I can say I officially cross this off my bucket list. What is on your bucket list that you have not done yet? Ok some people call it a bucket list some people call it a goal list. I dare

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How to make ends meet

What are you doing to make ends meet ? Are you working two jobs ? Maybe doing overtime at work. Instead of trying to stretch the Dollar the how about having more come in without working more hours ? A

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Quote for the day stop wishing start doing

Stop wishing and start doing   Everyone talks about what they want to do.  But I found the Entrepreneurs actually do more than wish.   Every time the powerball gets to a crazy amount lots & lots of people start

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How Can I Make a Difference

Recently I went on an outing with my church. We spent the morning making sandwiches somebody else brought several crock pots with spaghetti. we packed some clothes we had new tennis shoes and we had some hygiene kits with a

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Salute to Army Vet Noah Galloway on Dancing with the Stars

This is Amazing man #Soldier #Army #Veteran on #DancingWithTheStars The above is what I tweeted.  Now I have to be honest I’m not really into Dancing With The Stars.  However I must make an exception for this.  Noah Galloway makes

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Motivating you to success in your business

Motivating you every day.  Taking you to the next level in your business   A MARINE HAS YOUR BACK RUSS MAYO 816 309 7197   P.S. click here to    

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