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Divorce is the Death of a Dream you thought would last

Divorce is the death of a dream that you thought would last. It’s been two weeks since the divorce and I don’t care what you say I think  divorce is taking the easy way out.  You asked what do I

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How to make ends meet

What are you doing to make ends meet ? Are you working two jobs ? Maybe doing overtime at work. Instead of trying to stretch the Dollar the how about having more come in without working more hours ? A

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Motivating you to success in your business

Motivating you every day.  Taking you to the next level in your business   A MARINE HAS YOUR BACK RUSS MAYO 816 309 7197   P.S. click here to    

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What a difference a year makes

Are You Making a Difference in Someone’s Life   A year ago I made a video saying the Kansas City Royals were not going to win the pennant anytime soon.    This video says it all        

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Serial Entrepreneur Characteristics

Name some Serial Entrepreneur Characteristics   So I love Jeff Foxworthy’s sayings You might be a redneck IF……   Here’s mine, You might be a Serial Entrepreneur if……. You got up at 05:30 and not it and it’s after 0105

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Russ is here to serve you with great Marketing tips

Making Marketing Simple with easy Marketing tips I have a goal to learn something new everyday.   With that in mind what good is it to have knowledge and not share it ?   I love helping and teaching people how to

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Marine Corps Silent Drill Team at it’s best

THE USMC SILENT DRILL TEAM AT IT’S BEST   OK if you know anything about me….  Nothing Motivates me more than seeing Marine’s at their best.  This has got to be the BEST Silent Drill Team Video ever. This is

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Are you Coachable

Everyone needs a Coach or a Mentor   The question is are you Coachable.   In this video is about 5 minutes a story about coaching.   I want inspire you and to do better in your business.    

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Greatest Teambuild in the History of Mankind

Are you on a winning team ?  Would you like to be on THE WINNING TEAM ? Check out this video.         If you have any questions look me up on facebook  “Russ Mayo” Or call the

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