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Three important must know’s about your DD214

    First If you apply at the post office a dd214 still gives you a preference over non military civilians Now I know the post office is not the most glamorous job however I just want to make a

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Salute to Army Vet Noah Galloway on Dancing with the Stars

This is Amazing man #Soldier #Army #Veteran on #DancingWithTheStars The above is what I tweeted.  Now I have to be honest I’m not really into Dancing With The Stars.  However I must make an exception for this.  Noah Galloway makes

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Motivating you to success in your business

Motivating you every day.  Taking you to the next level in your business   A MARINE HAS YOUR BACK RUSS MAYO 816 309 7197   P.S. click here to    

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Are you MIA

The Term MIA means MISSING IN ACTION.   This is not to be taken lightly when you are in the military.   However to we are going to be talking about your business.   Have you Been MIA in your

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American Sniper Chris Kyle interview

This weekend I went and saw the movie American sniper.   I was very touched by the movie.  One of the questions in the movie was why go back for another tour.  This is your question I ask you.  Almost every

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