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Quote for the day stop wishing start doing

Stop wishing and start doing   Everyone talks about what they want to do.  But I found the Entrepreneurs actually do more than wish.   Every time the powerball gets to a crazy amount lots & lots of people start

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Motivating you to success in your business

Motivating you every day.  Taking you to the next level in your business   A MARINE HAS YOUR BACK RUSS MAYO 816 309 7197   P.S. click here to    

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When you Decide

Stop blaming others and make a Decision to be great.   Anyone who has read my blog know’s I’m am about motivation.  However I can’t Motivate anyone  until they DECIDE   I love this quick video you watch it and

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What a difference a year makes

Are You Making a Difference in Someone’s Life   A year ago I made a video saying the Kansas City Royals were not going to win the pennant anytime soon.    This video says it all        

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Are you Coachable

Everyone needs a Coach or a Mentor   The question is are you Coachable.   In this video is about 5 minutes a story about coaching.   I want inspire you and to do better in your business.    

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