Officially Crossed off MY BUCKET LIST

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I can say I officially cross this off my bucket list.

What is on your bucket list that you have not done yet? Ok some people call it a bucket list some people call it a goal list.

I dare you to just grab a piece of paper and start writing and do not stop writing until you have at least a hundred items on your list and just keep going there is no limit there’s no dollar limit there’s no imagination limit just put it on your list if its something you want to do something you want to accomplish in your life do it now.

I wrote a goal list back in 2008 that I have crossed many things off my list.

Bucket list checked off
Bucket list checked off

Here are only a few.

Visit every state.
Watch my son graduate as a Marine Corps pilot
Ride my bike 100 miles in one day
Jump out of an airplane.

These are just a few however you can be unlimited in your imagination of what you want to do just write it down and go for your goals!!






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