The Movie Breakthrough was amazing

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Did you see the movie breakthrough?
 If you didn’t you need to  Put it on your list of movies to see.
The movie is based on a true story.  Really based on a miracle.  Now I say there are  miracles and then there are miracles.

Miracles happen every day

Miracles all around us however sometimes we just don’t see them.

 Sometimes miracle are events that don’t even happen.
 I will give you an example.
When I was about 10 years old I was supposed to go to work with my father on a Saturday. On this particular Saturday I was sound asleep when he left without me. My father had a bed accident in his nineteen sixty six El  Camino.
 It was raining and he lost control and hit a telephone pole.  The  car was completely totaled. The passenger side was completely demolished. My father was hurt pretty badly but luckily it was not life threatening.  He escaped with a small limp the rest of his life.
 Back in 1966 we didn’t wear seat belts. Had I been in that car the chances of surviving would have been slim. I believe it was a miracle that I was not in that car that day.
 There are several movie trailers about this movie.
 I believe this is the best movie trailer for the movie breakthrough. This includes the actual actors and  Interviews with a actual people who were involved with this miracle.

Must see interview in 2016 one year after the accident with John Smith and his mother Joyce Smith

Real life happens every day.
Real miracles happen every day.If you witness a miracle I would love to hear your story connect with me by clicking on my picture below.



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