Three important must know’s about your DD214

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If you apply at the post office a dd214 still gives you a preference over non military civilians
Now I know the post office is not the most glamorous job however I just want to make a point that you still have a preference from being a military person to a non military person so the question is why would you have a preference the reason is because when this was established back many years ago that military people are more disciplined civilians duh it means you’re most likely to show up for work and not call in sick it means if you were given assignment you’re going to do your assignment it means they can count on you  have been proven


Do you have your DD214
Do you have your DD214 ?


Some employers will want to see your dd214 such as law Enforcement or anything to do with security your DD 214 is your military resume most civilians do not understand  that at all.

Most people know that you have to have a dd214 to get a VA loan but how does that VA loan compared to non VA loans a VA loan says the government is going to back it if you default on the loan then the Government pay the lone and  the lender will get paid.  In fact lenders do prefer  VA loans over conventional loans.



The third thing and most important is without a dd214 you will not get any of your VA benefits even if you do have a DD 214 until you actually show it to them and it’s documented you will not get any benefits so I urge you to keep track of that DD 214 and anybody who has not recently been discharged then here’s the address where you can write and get a copy of your dd214 it’s out of st. Louis






816 309 7197

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Work with Russ & Franco
Work with Russ & Franco