How Can I Make a Difference

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Recently I went on an outing with my church. We spent the morning making sandwiches somebody else brought several crock pots with spaghetti. we packed some clothes we had new tennis shoes and we had some hygiene kits with a toothbrush toothpaste excetra excetra. After we got everything loaded on the church bus we headed for some local areas where we knew there would be some homeless people. Now I know what you’re thinking when you’re driving along and you see somebody with a sign that says homeless and asking for money what’s going on. You ask yourself are they really homeless why don’t they just go get a job. In reality some of them are looking for jobs we met a few of them. Their stories varied with all kinds of reasons why they are on the street.  We helped a woman you said her boyfriend burn all of her clothes and all of her possessions she was living in a Motorhome and he burned everything.


I know you have heard about people who live under a bridge. my question is have you ever met someone who is actually living under a bridge. have you ever talk to them ? Asked  if you could pray for them fed them or get them anything ?


Those of you who have been on my YouTube channel or on my blog know that I I want to help people.  The problem is in reality we can’t help everyone. but you can help someone. That one person you help may be just waiting for your blessing. One person can make a difference. what you do does make a difference.









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